Questions & Answers

Does your process preserve the patina of antiques?
YES! when wood is sanded or scraped, or cleaned with other commercial paint and varnish removers, the patina is either destroyed or bleached out.

Can hardwood, exotic woods, cherry wood and other fruitwoods be dipped, without destroying the natural colour of the wood?
YES! We have no trouble with this problem. If your item cannot be dipped it will be hand stripped. Through the miracle of chemicals, this problem has been eliminating.

Will this process strip metal?
YES! There is no worry about damage resulting from forgetting to remove the piece in time.

Will the solution harm glass in cupboard doors etc?
NO! Although we do explain to the customer that when the piece is wet, it becomes very slippery, and there is always a chance of it clipping from our hands and thus being broken. We try to encourage removal of all glass before dipping. Never dip mirrors and some will lose the silvering on the back. The frame yes.. the glass no.

What effect do the chemicals have on glue joints?
Generally none. If the gluing is good to start with, it will be fine after stripping.

NEW! We are now offering a re-polishing service, ask for details!

Although every care is taken when we restore your item, all stripping work is undertaken at the customers own risk. (This includes broken glass and other breakages, warping, veneers lifting etc.)

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